Sinclair Planets

"Shine like the whole universe is yours" (Rumi) and shoot for the moon with this celestial-inspired Sinclair Planets collection, our newest addition to your jewelry box!!

Add our sparkling Sinclair Planets in orbit to color your universe and be among the stars! This signature collection of cosmic motifs is modern and timeless embracing a centuries old fascination for the magic of our galaxy.

Become your own creative force with the Sinclair Planets and turn the sky into an art form for intergalactic timeless glamour. 

Be the master of your universe by adding your Planets. A spectacular look is created by adding multiple Planets as celestial constellations to your necklace in an abundance of colors. There is no limitation to your creativity. We make your dreams come true!

With this patented interchangeable clasp mechanism already built into every Planet, you choose your Pearl and match it with our vast gem varieties depending on your personality and daily mood. The Planets serve as the luxury clasp, eye candy in various gemstones, shapes and sizes and at the same time as the pendant all at once. 

Pearls, the Queen of Gems, are as individual as our fingerprints with their unique color hues. You can combine them with our many Planets in a highly personalized way and make it your own creation. Prices of necklaces do not include interchangeable clasps.


Multiple sizes of Planets in 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm and 18mm diameter are available with only a few restrictions for certain styles and a wide range of clasps is coming soon...

We only show a part of our range of Sinclair Planets, as items may not have been activated for the website yet.

Please, contact us, you are welcome to express your wishes.