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The setting of a jewel is the architectural structure or the bones, whereas the gemstones are the soul and the beating heart of a creation. We place special attention on setting the gemstones to reveal their true beauty and character. Sinclair only uses precious and colored gemstones of exquisite quality with the majority of the designs set in 14k and 18k solid Gold - white (WG), yellow (YG), rose (RG), or Platinum.

A handmade jewelry creation is a synthesis of diverse arts. A drawing is created and contours are revealed little by little. Gold is sculpted, adjusted. Gems are set with precision. Every part is perfected to the minutest detail. The final touch of polish reveals all the beauty of the new jewel.

At Sinclair, exquisite designs are brought to life by the hands of master jewelers. The creation of a piece of fine jewelry requires deliberation, research and long hours of manual work. For more than 50 years, at our workshops experienced artisans with diverse skills, designers, model makers, goldsmiths, gemologists, gem-setters and polishers, work in perfect harmony to transform original sketches into exceptional jewels.

Jewelry Design

Inspirations are turned into designs.
Designers grasp an original idea and give it a shape on paper, layering the foundation of the jewelry-making process that involves skilled craftsmanship at its highest level.


Always in search of the finest.
By focusing on the diamond’s natural beauty and brilliance, our diamond experts individually hand select by eye the world’s most beautiful diamonds. Our gemologists travel around the world, seek out and select natural colored stones.

Working Together

Gemologists and designers work together to create a harmony of setting and stone. Designers develop multiple sketches and working alongside gemologists, they finalize their options on the perfect design that will enhance the natural beauty of each gemstone.

The Goldsmith

Master jewelry modelers and goldsmiths work in close collaboration to bring the designer’s sketch to life. Discussing shapes, curves and volumes under the guidance of the designers, they saw, bend, solder, drill and sand to house the nascent jewel.

Setting and Polishing

Gemstones must be set in position with surgical precision. Experienced setters sculpt and refine the metal around the adjustments, to house the stones perfectly. The refinement of polishing is performed several times during the creation process. After setting, expert cleaning and polishing gives the new jewel its luster and perfect finish.


No compromise is made when it comes to seeking perfection. Each jewel is made with the most exacting craftsmanship using only the finest materials. With technical expertise fully focused on excellence, we monitor and supervise the entire creation process of the new jewel. Only perfectly crafted and absolutely faultless jewelry leaves the atelier.

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