Sinclair Planets

Description of the interchangeable clasp mechanism for the Sinclair Planet collection:


Our unique and patented interchangeable clasps allow you to create your own personal style and make it your own. 


Close the clasp:

  1. Insert the end of the necklace with the gold pinhead slightly into the clasp without pressure

  2. Slightly push inside and turn ¼ to the right side, then release and done


Open the clasp:

  1. Slightly push the gold pinhead inside and turn ¼ to the left side

  2. Pull out and done


Choose from our luxury collection of pearls and gemstone bead necklaces, then personalize and custom design your look with our many choices of interchangeable clasps. Your order will be customized with the patented clasp mechanism and pins and will offer you multiple variations to wear it.

Please, allow additional time and cost to be custom made for you.

Complete Service (attach 2 pins and the interchangeable clasp mechanism):

P2000 | GOLD | $180

P1000 | STEEL | $100

Partial Service A (attach 2 pins to a string of pearls or beads):

P200 | GOLD | $80

P100 | STEEL | $50

Partial Service B (attach the interchangeable clasp mechanism to a gemstone, bead or pearl):

P20 | GOLD | $120

P10 | STEEL | $55

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