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Located in the heart of Chicago, Sinclair is based on over 50 years of experience as a family jeweler and gemstone business. Our fascination and passion for precious gemstones is in our DNA and has been the driving force of our success for multiple generations. As an old Scottish name of nobility meaning “bright and clear”, Sinclair gems are the epitome of perfection. Precious gemstones are one of nature’s rarest treasures, hidden deep inside the earth and millions of years old. The emotional power of gemstones is the source of our inspiration and creativity.

Sinclair buys directly from manufacturers and gem cutters as close to mining as possible. Through our international gemstone network we locate the ideal gems and all loose stones are hand-selected by our expert gemologists. Sinclair gems are 100% natural, responsibly sourced to ensure that they are conflict-free in origin and certified by the most reputable international gemstone laboratories. We do not offer lab-created gemstones or simulants.

Our team members are trained by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the world’s foremost authority in gemology.

Once we select a particular gemstone, it is then thoroughly studied by the design team to deeply understand its subtleties giving every gemstone its own individual character. The mount of each jewel is carefully performed to allow these exquisite stones to reveal their secrets and unfold their splendor and irresistible beauty. Every piece of jewelry only leaves the atelier after meticulous quality control to satisfy exacting standards and the highest expectations.

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Our experts strive to create masterpieces inspired by the individual style of our clients. With each creation a new jewel is born, an exclusive interpretation of individuality and a profound statement of uniqueness. Private clients share their vision and are entirely involved in the creative decisions to incorporate their own personal taste. We create custom work from pictures, drafts or sketches.

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